How to ask for Alms

Getting setup to potentially start receiving alms from fellow saints who perceive your needy cause is relatively easy

1. Form Submission

Submit your help request by completing and submitting the compaign form. Detailing out your evangelical needy cause. Either one that directly/otherwise promote the propagation of the Gospel or one that is philatropic but with scriptural justification. Also do remember to write a brief spiritual bio as this will help commend your cause.

2. Reviews & Approvals

We then aim to candidly go through each submitted cause prior to publication. This is to ensure that only causes that demonstrate potential to abound to the glory of God through Christ once given to. We mean to email back with reasons for every disaproved submission.

3. Potentially start receiving funding

Once your help request is approved and published on the platform, you can then retire back to prayer. To continue looking up to God through Christ Jesus for favor and providence. For a man can indeed receive nothing except it be given him from heaven.

About The Ministry

While the concept of crowdfunding is commonly adopted for projects or ventures, we find it essentially fulfilled when a collection was made for poor saints in Jerusalem (Romans 15:26) amongst few other occurances. FUNDING is a sub-ministry of the likeChrist Ministries and seeks to present a global evangelical Christian crowdfunding platform – particularly for Christian givers who wishes to ensure that their alms are God honorable as well as needy Christians who care about the cleanness of funding/relieves they receive.

Despite that we believe this resource type can be a great means to many evangelical alms giving ends, there is evident gall of destitution on existing professed Christian crowdfunding platforms. Yes every one encountered seemed to be leaving out weightier matters – of faith, grace and holiness. Appearing more like synagogues of the ignorant  than virtuous members of the body of Christ. For more information on what the likeChrist Ministries at large is about, kindly refer here here.

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Our periodic thoughts on subjects relating to evangelical Christian fundraising

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