During the early years of my Christian pilgrimage, I read, amongst several literatures a book titled ‘The wonders of prayer‘. The book sought to curate accounts of remarkable evangelical answers prayer. With contributions from renoun evangelical saits like George Muller and Charlse H. Spurgeon to name a few.
Amongst these was an account of a minister who for a season stood in acute need after his salary was for some reasons withheld. For which needy state he prayed with great fervency. And at one point committed his his needy state to the periodic Missionary paper. And while he did not accuse the disciples, he remarked that he was convinced the Lord would requite the omission as grievous fault from someone.
An old Christian lady located miles from the minister came across the account from the Missionary paper Рand was taken hold of. She felt like she would be the individual who would be acused of folly for the minister want. And accordingly desired that a certain $25 she had on her disposal be sent to the brother minister. The receipt of which was soon confirmed by the letter of profound gratitude from the minister.
The platform is therefore in part desired bridge the gap that same gap that Missionary paper bridged. Bringing together the needy and the alms giver!

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