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Please help us service and relicense our KIA Shuma/Sephia. Due to want of a budget, we could not get the car ready for roadworthy test following the purchase (so its title holding could be altered). Recently, it fell due for license disc renewal. Upon attepting to renew it, we learned that it has a “Pending sale” status which disqualifies it from license disc renewal. Neither can we sell it since it appears this is illegal as per the highlighted statement on the image above. We now must have it serviced and then take it for roadworthly test. Yes it is rendered unusable until this is done (Inspite that is still drives quite fairly).

Help us repair and relicense our 2001 KIA Shuma/Sephia

by LikeChrist Ministries

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Nzhelele, Limpopo, South Africa

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This car was bought quite cheaply last year – driving but in a rather shabby state. Most desired to help complement the rather faint physic of the body I continue in above desirable travel privacy and convenience of family travels. Especially since Gogo’s was ruralĀ  with facilities not easily accessible. The car recently fell due for it’s annual license renewal. While we could quite conveniently afford this, we were unable to renew for it.
The car was bought from a car dealer who received it as a trade-in. And it turns out that the previous owner of the car then went to issue a sales notice. But they seemingly never received it under their company’s name – but thought they could just resell it as is. During our purchase of the car, I (unsuspecting of the issued sales notice) asked the seller if I could use the car while trying to get it ready for roadworthy test and they said there was no problem. My hope was to have it ready just before it should require license renewal. But due to an ill budget, this deadline could not be met. I then reckoned that I could just renew the car’s license under the previous owner for yet another year while trying to finish up with the roadworthy preparations.
But upon attempting to do so, we were advised that it had a status of “Pending sales” and therefore blocked for license renewal. Our only option therefore at this stage is to get it ready for testing. Only thenĀ  shall it’s title holder details be changeable and license renewable. We unfortunately do not have a budget for this with our current income, monthly obligations as well as our pending relocation. We have seriously considered selling it and then relocate to rented premises in town but again have recently found out that as per the national regulations, it is illegal to sell/trade with an ulincense car. This suggeting that we are now compelled to service it and then take it for roadworthy test. The Lord bemercy any helping/considerate hand/heart.

  • 21-06-2019

    Re-attempting the sales at the moment

    While the compaign was in earnest and the asked funds really needed, it was amongst test alms compaigns published. We are currently unsure if we simply are mis-interpreting the subject statement or that there just seem to be a tendency to keep a blind eye toward the same by car sellers generally.
    Yes there seemed to be a great many unlicensed cars that are offered (in good faith) by both private as well as established used cars dealers. So much indeed that we were for sometime now brought to reconsider the sales attempt. The worst that could happen so it seems is a fine. Which if we should indeed receive, shall at once abort the sales attempt. Until then, we shall leave the alms compaign as ended. We also aim to update accordingly.

  • 26-06-2019

    Evidently unable to sell as purposed, but...

    Owing in part to the relocation, my learner’s license recently expired (13th June). This meaning that it should even be more defficult to take the car by the roadside every morning – to attempt the sales. One of the care-takers at our rental premises has however expressed interest on the car. He says to can only afford instalments (possibly with a deposit) though. No conclusions have been made toward this but it seems it may be the best we can avail outside a miracle. We could use any of these possible funds to subsidies living expense while we wait to see what should become to the ministry work we are through grace concecrating to. As it does not appears like we must shelf the desired relocation until further notice. This alms compaign shall there continue as ended until there is more information on the possible sales.